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Jasper Stone Positivity Bracelet


This Chakra Positivity Bracelet is handcrafted with multi-colored Jasper Stones and is the perfect accessory for fashionistas and the free spirited. 

Jasper is a powerful grounding and stabilizing stone with a slow and constant frequency.

  • It is the "Supreme Nurturer” that encourages comfort and security, strength and healing, and stabilizes the aura to a level of wholeness.
  • It induces peace and tranquility by cleansing negative energy that eliminates stress.
  • This elemental Earth Stone allows us to connect and absorb the energies the planet that makes us aware of our spiritual connection we have with all that is living. This reminds us that we exist not only to nurture ourselves but others as well.
  • It is a stone of Health and Passion and brings the courage to face unpleasant tasks and to rectify unjust situations